Why go the Speed Limit if No One is Watching?

Sticking to a speed limit can sometimes be one of the most challenging moments in one’s day!!  Have you ever found yourself on a road and wondering why the speed limit is 25 or 40 miles per hour?  There are a number of considerations when determining the speed limit for any given area. 

Here are a few per OLR Research Report:

  1. type of road and surface (hill, straight, valley)
  2. point of access / entrance
  3. traffic control devices
  4. accident history
  5. traffic volume
  6. sight distances
  7. radar observation
  8. drive tests conducted by Division of Traffic Engineering

Speed Limits exist for nothing shy of simple safety.  So, if the speed limit is 65 and cars are whizzing by at close to 80 mph, is it safer to go with the flow or stick to the speed limit?  Statistics show that accidents tend to occur with vehicles that are speeding- so you can pretty much guess which route is safer. 

Abide the speed limit and arrive safely. If you feel the need for speed, you may want to consider a change in career- possibly fireman or the police. 

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